Fundraising: Hosaflook deserves praise for safeguards

Wood County Schools Superintendent Will Hosaflook is absolutely correct to want to have all Is dotted and Ts crossed when it comes to the various community organizations that raise money to help our schools.

Last week, he reminded board of education members that any such group should be approved by the board, that they must undergo financial audits and the board should receive the results of those audits in addition to statements of fundraising activities, how much money is being raised — and of course each of these groups should be following state code and other requirements for their type or organization.

“I don’t know if this has been done in the past,” Hosaflook said. “I have no idea. (But) that’s the process and that is where we are getting to, to have better policies and procedures set up. That’s something we have to do.”


When he presents a planned list of approved groups for the 2019-20 school year, it will be an important step toward safeguarding the school system.

“If they are not on that list, they cannot raise money,” he said. “If they are just giving money to a school I consider that a rogue organization, and they are not following the guidelines established by the West Virginia Department of Education.”

It is important to note Hosaflook is not making any accusations with this move. Groups with all their ducks in a row will likely have no problem getting on the list. But it is also important to note Hosaflook is sending the message that groups who hope to help our schools must do so through the proper channels.

Well-organized groups with good financial practices in place, and willing to play by the school system’s and state’s rules should have no problem with Hosaflook’s move. Those who wish to continue going rogue have a little soul-searching to do, but they are out of luck.