Donate: Feed Seniors Now needs your help

Though the need never changes, Comfort Keepers and FaithLink of Wood and Washington counties are changing one of the ways they take care of local seniors. With the Feed Seniors Now program, the organizations are working together to fill FaithLink’s Thrive community empowerment centers and food pantries.

One of Thrive’s features is a food market, which gives those in need a chance to “shop for what they need,” according to Melissa Ogden, program coordinator for FaithLink. The market is not meant to be a regular supplement, but rather a way to help those in a “food gap,” when they are unable to afford food.

One example Ogden mentioned is when it comes time for some seniors on a limited income to pay for medication. Doing so may mean less — or no money to buy enough food for a while.

So, the goal of this effort is to collect 2,000 pounds of food. Bins are located throughout the region — including one here at the Parkersburg News and Sentinel.

Low-sodium canned vegetables, unsweetened juices, grains — including pastas, some dairy items, non-perishable fruit items, non-perishable meat products, dry beans, ready-to-eat cereal and peanut butter are on the list.

Do what you can to help fill some of those food gaps for folks in need. Your small donation could make a big difference.


Speaking of making a big difference: If you have not done so already, go vote today. Your voice matters.