Clothes Closet: Partnership helps men dress for success

Clothing might not truly make the man, but it is certainly true that the right clothing can make a difference.

Men seeking to polish their professional appearance for a job interview — but without the means to purchase an entirely now suit of clothes — may find help at the Mid-Ohio Valley Men’s Clothing Closet at the Ohio Valley University.

“As most know, a suit of clothes can be pretty costly and men in college don’t always have the money for suit of clothes,” said Dan Blair, dean of the College of Business at OVU.

“Some show up to school with everything they have in a garbage bag slung over their shoulder and not much else.”

Donations of new and gently used clothing, which can be dropped off at Hornor & Harrison, are what make this operation work.

“What comes in is what we have,” said Christian Wilcox, president of the Parkersburg Jaycees, another partner in the effort.

That means there are probably size gaps that could be filled with the cleaning out of a few overstuffed Mid-Ohio Valley wardrobes.

This is an opportunity to do good without reaching into the wallet, gentlemen. Shirts, khakis, sport coats, suits, ties, belts … if you have not worn them in a while, and they are still in good condition, consider clearing them out of your closet and sending them to the Men’s Clothing Closet.