Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

DOWN: To the coincidence in which Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Authority members approved an endorsement of Contour Airlines to take over federally subsidized Essential Air Service to Charlotte from Via Air … and Via Air’s subsequent raising of fares. “This is going to kill us, these kind of prices,” airport authority member Terry Moore said. “It’s definitely going to drive passengers away.” Via never met expectations, but the higher fares and lower enplanement numbers may drive the airport to exceed the federal $200-per-seat subsidy cap.

UP: To teachers who think outside the box and expand children’s minds with creative classrooms such as the one at Putnam Elementary School in Marietta, which features a terrarium, mini lily pond ecosystem, a decomposition tank and plenty of other interesting and exciting things to bring the natural world to students in science classes.

UP: To grants from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Covered Electronic Devices recycling program — $12,000 for the Pleasants County Solid Waste Authority and $8,600 for the Roane County Solid Waste Authority, to help conduct collection events for electronics and other recyclables.

UP: To apple butter, ox roasts, fall festivals, football and all the things that make the Mid-Ohio Valley such a wonderful place to be this time of year.