Prevention: Take advantage of free child safety seat checks

Folks of a certain generation are occasionally guilty of romanticizing an era in which they road bicycles without helmets, stood looking out the back window in the backs of their parents’ station wagons, etc. and “we survived.” The sentiment is a shot at what some believe are an overreaching set of safety regulations and guidelines — some of which might take a step beyond common sense.

But the truth is those regulations are in place because some kids did not survive head injuries as a result of bicycles crashes, or car accidents in which they were thrown from their perches in the back. And as most parents understand, any measure to prevent a serious injury to kids is worth the effort.

To that end, the laws and guidelines for child safety seats in cars has gotten more detailed over the years — and for excellent reason. The use of proper (and properly installed) seats is keeping kids safer in cars. That should be all most people need to know.

Changes in available sizes and styles of car seats and booster seats, and the guidance for when a child is ready for each different kind, can be confusing. And that is before one attempts to install them all.

Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Pifer’s Towing and Recovery and Par Mar Store Marathon of Mineral Wells, at 115 Elizabeth Pike off Exit 170 of I-77, the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Highway Safety Program will provide free child safety seat checks to help drivers ensure the children in their cars are as safe and secure as possible.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the seats in your vehicle, take advantage of this event. Again, if it could help keep one child safer, it is worth the effort.