Finances: Wood County making progress in operations

When the Justice Department found Wood County at “high risk” in 2013, local officials had some choices to make in cleaning up the county’s financial operations. It appears as though they have not only made good choices, but done some good work in moving away from that designation.

In fact, Perry and Associates President Jodey Altier proclaimed this week “We have done your audit for three years now and it keeps getting better and better.”

She commended the commission, the administrator and County Clerk’s office for “a very concerted effort to make things better, to clean things up and implement internal controls.”

There is, of course, still work to be done — county officials must quickly address concerns over how collections and remittance are handled by the Mid-Ohio Valley Day Report Center, and the Assessor Fund Disbursement Policy. Given the effort put into cleaning up operations so far, and what they learned this week, there is every reason to believe those changes will be made soon, too.

Altier was confident Wood County has made strides that will lead to the removal of that “high risk” designation.

Good. Kudos to everyone who played a role in improving communications, policies, internal controls and transparency to bring about such an achievement.