Tourism: West Virginia feeling sense of renewal

This week, the Mountain State will celebrate its 155th birthday. It is a milestone, of course, but the walkup to this year’s celebrations feels a little different. There is a buzz in the air. West Virginia is making national news as the backdrop for the newest entry in a wildly popular video game franchise. There is reason to be excited if even a fraction of what Gov. Jim Justice promises out of the Roads to Prosperity Act comes to pass.

And, of course, Tourism Commissioner Chelsea Ruby and her team at the West Virginia Tourism Office continue to find success with creative campaigns that are bringing new visitors to the state and encouraging residents to explore.

In anticipation of the 155th birthday events, the Tourism Commission is offering free “West Virginia, est. 1863; Almost Heaven” bumper stickers, to be given away at 250 spots throughout the state. The locations can be found here:

Once a traveler finds a sticker spot, the idea is to take photos that are posted on social media with the hashtag #AlmostHeaven, so the world can see the best of West Virginia … and maybe stop by to check it out.

“It’s inspired new-found state pride and for those that have left the state, inspired them to make a visit,” Ruby said.

Good. Now it’s time for the rest of us to jump on board.