Pressure: Pruitt’s EPA must release PFAS report

Proving once again it has far more interest in self-preservation than in the health of the environment or the humans living in it, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is feeling the wrath of a group of U.S. Senators this week who signed a letter demanding release of a federal study on the levels of perfluorinated chemicals in supplies of drinking water.

Some national news outlets have speculated the EPA is delaying release of the study because doing so would pose a public relations challenge. The group of senators who expressed concern say the study shows the level of exposure to PFAS that is dangerous to human health is lower than previously known.

“We want to express our deep concern with recent news reports that individuals within the United States Environmental Protection Agency are blocking the release of results from a study …” read the senators’ letter.

When release of information might not paint the EPA in the most positive light, the bureaucrats scurry to bury it. When speculation and incomplete information might help them attack a target against which they have a political agenda, they rush it out to as many news outlets as possible before it has crossed a fact-checker’s desk.

Dr. Paul Brooks, who helped organize the massive health study of 70,000 Mid-Ohio Valley residents for the science panel’s study, hit the nail on the head when he pointed out the bureaucrats who run the show are permanently entrenched in the system, while elected officials come and go.

Scott Pruitt’s EPA is taking plenty of heat these days — and, no, it’s not because of global warming. The rest of Congress and President Trump should exert a little more pressure and force the agency to release a full version of the report, now.