Superintendent: Wood County residents can make their voice heard

Wood County residents have an opportunity Wednesday to weigh in on the search for a new superintendent to lead their public schools. It is an important opportunity, and residents should take advantage of it.

At 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, in the district offices at 13th and Plum streets, Parkersburg, Board President Lawrence Hasbargen said there will be at least two hours available, during which speakers will have approximately three minutes each to talk about what they believe are necessary qualities for a new superintendent. Those folks are asked to bring written copies of their comments, which can be submitted to the board. Though board members will not reply to commenters, the process will be facilitated by the state School Board Association.

Public comments will be assembled and given to the board for them to keep as part of an interview packet.

Do not waste this chance, folks. Now is the time to let school board members know what is important to Wood County residents in the leader of their public schools.

But there are other kinds of comments for which this meeting is NOT the proper time. This session is not meant to focus on the previous superintendent, or give time to speakers either supporting or critical of that person.

Give it some thought, ladies and gentlemen. What is important to you? What do you believe are necessary characteristics and skills for the leader who will propel Wood County Schools forward?

You have an opportunity Wednesday to let the board know what kind of person should be setting the tone for the entire school system. Use it.