Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To the opening of the Parkersburg Art Center’s Yart Sale this weekend, which coincides with Jesse Thornton’s “Reflection in a Pool” photography exhibit. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today, gently used artwork of all kinds, arts and craft materials, decor and display items, gift wrap, tools, toys, art books and even Christmas decor will be available in a yard sale format, on the center’s third floor.

DOWN: To news that a West Virginia company that makes equipment for coal mining and other industries is leaving the state … and bringing 60 jobs to Virginia, instead. If a company that makes equipment for the natural resource industries cannot keep a manufacturing operation in Beckley, W.Va., and has, instead, been enticed to move to another state — where it plans to invest $2.5 million — something is very, very wrong with our employment and business regulatory climate. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said “Cogar Manufacturing’s decision to move operations from West Virginia to Giles County and expand production is a great testament to the Commonwealth’s competitive operating costs, extensive transportation network, and robust workforce.” Your move, lawmakers.

UP: To West Virginia receiving federal approval to cover treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome. NAS is a generalized multi-system disorder often seen in newborns who have been exposed to drugs in utero. The change means Lily’s Place, in Huntington can now be recognized as a NAS treatment center, where newborns with NAS would receive services to treat withdrawal symptoms, including: comprehensive assessment to determine a plan of care; low or reduced stimulus environment, slow introduction to sensory stimulation (both site and sound); pharmaceutical withdrawal management, with tapering protocol as referenced by the American Academy of Pediatrics; monitoring withdrawal objective assessment, at least twice, daily; and non-pharmacological Interventions, including but not limited to therapeutic swaddling, vestibular stimulation/vertical rocking, c-position, head-to-toe movements, clapping, exercise to relieve gas discomfort and newborn massage, according to The Register-Herald.