Bosley: Company deserves praise for action

Private companies get a bad rap. The bigger, the badder. But one local business is reminding us that what is good for the community is good for them, and they are willing and able to lend a hand when their resources fit the need.

J.C. Bosley Construction Inc. teamed up with the city and Wood County Schools to build a 400-foot path through a wooded area between the Reserve at Edison Hill and Martin Elementary School. City employees put down the gravel, and the school system will add lights and security cameras.

Bosley is a partner in education with the school, and when the need arose for a safe way for kids to get to school from the new development, they answered the call.

“It’ll really be an asset to this community,” said City Councilman Dave McCrady.

In fact, City Engineer Justin Smith estimates the project would have cost $30,000 to $40,000 without Bosley’s help.

But Bosley did help. And it is proof once again that the employers who take root here in the Mid-Ohio Valley give back in far more than simply paychecks for their workers. They are part of our communities and they make them better.

Thank you, to Bosley, for the work they have done to keep local kids safer.