Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To the honoring of Gold Star families in Marietta by renaming Lookout Park to Gold Star Park. Fundraising continues to erect a Gold Star Families Memorial monument in the park; and it is an important reminder that those who serve us do not sacrifice alone.

UP: To the presentation of a $10,000 grant by Dollar General to Kanawha Elementary School staff and students for literacy programs. “Dollar General’s mission is serving others, and this is part of that mission,” said district manager Rich Fullmer. “This is a good school and a phenomenal opportunity.” Principal Matt Null says the money will give the school a chance to research and implement new programs to benefit the students.

DOWN: To the notion — not limited to party or era — that “I do not recall,” or “to the best of my recollection” give a person license to avoid answering questions from members of Congress. Investigators should do their best to provide evidence that jobs those folks’ memory in answering questions.

UP: To the volume of research and work that appears to be coming out of West Virginia University as our state seeks ways to fight the substance abuse epidemic that has us in its grip. As we look for ways to fight the stigma that might prevent folks from getting the help they need; and have enough trained professionals and facilities to provide that help, it seems WVU is also working toward making connections that bring some of the economic hope our region so desperately needs to fuel the substance abuse fight. WVU has been partnering with the Chinese on energy research for years, perhaps helping to pave the way for the China Energy Investment Corp. announcement.