Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To those who have served their country as members of the armed forces, and who we honor this Veterans Day for all they sacrificed for the rest of us. Ceremonies and parades throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley today give us the smallest of opportunities to let veterans know how grateful we are for their service. Thank you.

UP: To an agreement that will allow high school career and technical education students to design and carry out projects at state parks near their schools. More than 24,000 students will help with restorations and updates that include construction; repairing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; and work on bathhouses. With the parks system’s needs often outpacing resources, the partnership with schools seems a perfect fit.

UP: To passage of a Behavioral Health Tax Levy in Washington County. “I have 124 people in my jail and I would say 124 probably need additional assistance with mental health issues,” said Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks. And, of course, detoxification and residential treatment and recovery facilities are more important to this region than at perhaps any other time. Supporters were right to be thrilled with the levy’s success; it will mean good things for the community.