Tax Relief: Country could use a tax cut

As conservatives in Congress and President Donald Trump move closer to enacting a major tax relief bill, liberal opponents are scrambling to find arguments against it.

Their quest has taken them even to the point of disavowing — for now — one of the key tenets of liberal philosophy. Now, many Democrats argue that the envisioned tax relief would increase the national debt and, for that reason, should be rejected.

That argument is breathtaking in its cynicism, coming as it does from members of Congress who, during former President Barack Obama’s administration, never met a liberal spending bill they didn’t like. During Obama’s eight years in office, the national debt nearly doubled.

But even that argument against tax relief pales in absurdity to a new one, encapsulated in a liberal newspaper’s editorial: “The country doesn’t need a tax cut.”

Oh, really?

It is true the economy is growing at a rate faster than anything during Obama’s tenure. It is true stock prices are up dramatically. And it is true some companies’ profits are good.

Tell that to the 6.8 million Americans who couldn’t find jobs in September. Tell that to the middle-class families struggling to make ends meet. Tell that to the companies thinking of moving operations overseas because the U.S. tax rate is so high.

And then ask yourself, again, does the country need a tax cut?