Election Day: Ohio voters must let their voices be heard

Ohio voters must let their voices be heard

Polls open at 6:30 a.m. for today’s general election in Ohio, in which local voters will have a say in everything from city council and school board members to fire and emergency or road and bridge levies. In many ways, the votes cast will have a greater impact on the lives of local people than those cast on Election Day a year ago.

Ohio voters will also have the chance to weigh in on the rights of crime victims, with Issue 1; and the cost of prescription drugs, with Issue 2. Read both of those carefully before casting your votes, ladies and gentlemen.

In fact, be as informed as possible as you head to the polls today. There is a great deal at stake. This is not the kind of election in which voters will be able to choose which political celebrity they see as the bad guy or the good guy. This is the kind of election in which careful thought must be given to what is best for the community and state as a whole; and which people are the right ones to get that job done.

Eligible voters should not sit this one out. Do not stand back and let your voice go unheard; and do not be surprised when the results of the vote yield consequences that affect you, directly. This one matters, for everyone in Ohio. Vote.