Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To news that Solvay plans to double production capacity at its Willow Island site with multiple expansions that should total approximately $70 million in investments and 30 to 40 new jobs at the facility. A second, independent high molecular weight HALS manufacturing unit is expected to be operational by mid-2019, as part of “a commitment to our customers, giving them the peace of mind that comes with surety of supply and added confidence to continue to innovate new and novel solutions for their own customers,” said Domenico Romanino, senior vice president, additive technologies.

UP: To West Virginia receiving restitution of $510,000 in the kickback scheme that routed $1.5 million in taxpayer dollars to from the state Division of Highways to a South Carolina consulting firm. “This case is another example of the outstanding level of success that is possible when state and federal law enforcement entities work so well together to investigate and prosecute criminal activity,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Betsy Steinfeld Jividen.

DOWN: To our state once again topping State Farm’s list for the likelihood of vehicles being involved in a collision with a deer. Though it may speak to the pristine nature of our woods and rural environments — which make West Virginia almost heaven for white-tail deer as well as people — it is an unfortunate fact of life for drivers. According to State Farm, Mountain State residents have one in 43 odds of being involved in a deer/vehicle crash.