Habitat: Caring Campaign worth your donations

Those moved to give are usually looking for organizations that offer a hand up, not a handout. It is better to support organizations that do more than simply dispense money without expecting those in need to participate in their own relief effort. There is no better example of one that helps those in need lift up themselves than Habitat for Humanity.

Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, Habitat’s 2017 Caring Campaign kicked off this week with a goal to reach $175,000 by Valentine’s Day, as homes 99 and 100 are under construction and numbers 101 and 102 are in the planning stages. It is a goal most Mid-Ohio Valley residents should be happy to help them reach.

Families must participate in the building of their homes; and they must pay back the 0 percent interest mortgage on it. This is not a free home. In fact, family members sometimes become volunteers on the building of the next Habitat home, as a way to give back a little more.

Meanwhile Habitat, which has “a lot going on,” according to Lisa Collins of the Habitat Resource Development Team, needs financial donations to help sponsor the construction of those homes, but it also needs property on which to build.

Those with property in Wood or Washington counties who are willing to donate can do so by calling 304-422-7907. The value of the land is tax deductible.

Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Ohio Valley carries out a ministry that puts families in need in homes they help build and pay for. They need a little help from folks like you to continue to do so.