Voter Rolls: Do your part to keep information updated

With voter fraud on the minds of so many lately, it should be encouraging to know West Virginia is once again seeking out voters — 130,000 of them this time — who may need to update their addresses and other contact information to ensure our voter rolls are updated and as accurate as possible.

Such an update is especially important now, as the Mountain State prepares for a special election to vote on the “Roads to Prosperity” Constitutional Amendment that would authorize the Legislature to issue and sell road bonds not to exceed $1.6 billion. The voter registration deadline for that election is Sept. 18, with the election itself taking place Saturday, Oct. 7.

According to Donald Kersey, director of the elections Division and deputy legal counsel for the secretary of state, voters who receive postcards appear on more than one voter registration list. They may have moved and re-registered to vote, but not canceled their previous registration. Returning the post card — or, better yet, updating information online — and keeping the voter rolls cleaned up will help eliminate the chance of more than one ballot being cast in one voter’s name. It also helps give officials an accurate picture of voter turnout percentages.

If you see this postcard in your mailbox, folks, do not ignore it. There are a lot of people, including Wood County Clerk Mark Rhodes and West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner, working to make sure there are as few questions about the integrity of our elections — state and national — as possible. Do your part.