Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To officials in both West Virginia and Ohio, who are submitting only the publicly available voter registration information that complies with state laws, to President Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted was correct to say that while state officials will look forward to offering ideas on how the federal government can better support states in running elections, “We will make it clear that we do not want any federal intervention in our state’s right and responsibility to conduct elections.”

UP: To correction of permit violations that has allowed construction to resume on sections of the Rover Pipeline running through Wetzel, Tyler and Doddridge counties. Let’s hope Rover Pipeline LLC does a better job from here on out, controlling the sediment deposits that wind up in our creeks and streams.

UP: To assessment data that shows math scores improved statewide last year for West Virginia students. Math scores overall improved in grades 4-8 and 11; though they dropped slightly in grade 3. Third graders, however, still have the highest level among tested grades.

UP: To the return of The News and Sentinel Cookbook Contest, in its 63rd year. We are once again looking forward to the sharing of recipes from some of the best home cooks in the world, and the opportunity taste-test a few of those submissions at our annual tasting party in October.