Things to Do: Mid-Ohio Valley has cures for boredom

Those who complain there is nothing to do in the Mid-Ohio Valley — particularly during the winter months — have spent little time exploring the options available at our numerous, excellent museums. It is a shame that sometimes visitors from outside our region have a better idea about the treasures in our midst.

From the arts to culture and history, there is a little something for everyone; and our region is rich in both history and incredible talent. Certainly the folks who helped raise more than $10,000 at a benefit for the Campus Martius and Ohio River museums understand that.

“The event attracts an enthusiastic and diverse group of loyal patrons who gather to celebrate and support its multifaceted programs and exhibits,” said Dave Dernberger, a spokesman for the Friends of the Museums.

Nearly all of our local museums have similar small bands of supporters, but it would be nice if, as we talk about making changes and improvements in the new year, individuals and families made it a point to visit some of the places that preserve and celebrate what makes us who we are.

There is no need to travel far and wide or spend lots of money. If you are stuck for ideas, check out the “Things To Do” link at; the “Community Arts Events” listed at; or, of course, the “Top Picks” and museum listing available in the Free Time section of this newspaper.

It will be the perfect cure for winter boredom and cabin fever.