Charitable: Marietta police give aid to cancer center

Marietta police officers appear to have found a fun way to pay it forward, after one of their own was helped out by the Fraternal Order of Police in Columbus last year.

When Chief Rodney Hupp was injured in an on-duty car accident in September, the FOP helped him and his family. Marietta officers wanted to raise money to repay the kindness, but “the FOP didn’t want our money and suggested we instead give it back to a local charity,” said Capt. Aaron Nedeff, who has been running the department as Hupp recovers.

Officers had hoped to raise money by growing beards for the winter — facial hair is normally against the rules — and could have let the matter die, once the FOP said it did not want the money. But not only did they decide to keep going with the $15-a-month payments for maintaining a well-trimmed beard, the FOP said it would match whatever money was raised.

“We estimate $1,200 will be going to Strecker Cancer Center Fund to help with the costs of care like transportation and prescriptions when it’s all said and done,” said Sgt. Errol Kramer.

An effort to repay one good deed was turned around and multiplied, all to the benefit of patients at Strecker Cancer Center. Certainly the Marietta community can appreciate officers — and an obliging mayor and police chief — who found a way to make that happen.