Please Give United Way is worthy of your donations

This week, the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley began its annual campaign with a bang: a goal of raising $830,000 – more than has ever been raised before.

“We exceeded the campaign goal last year,” said executive director Andrea Shirey. “We are setting our sights higher this year.”

Our United Way serves ten counties. It does good in ways many people never see. And, it is supported by people who do not seek much recognition, particularly by those who chose to participate in workplace payroll deduction campaigns.

“Our most successful campaigns are where people donate $5 a paycheck,” Shirey said.

Sure, the big checks get the spotlight – the United Way and those who are served are surely grateful for that kind of support. But the majority of funds raised come from ordinary working men and women who choose to give a little of what they have earned each payday.

“With this campaign, everyone can be part of the solution,” Shirey said. “It’s easy to sit on the sideline and say what is wrong. The United Way makes it easy for people to be part of the solution.”

If your workplace offers a United Way campaign, consider signing up. But even if it does not, there is an opportunity to give at

Do not underestimate the impact the United Way has on the Mid-Ohio Valley; and do not underestimate the impact you can have on the United Way.