BOE Biddings

Wood County Board of Education members appear to have a little explaining to do regarding the choice of Waste Management for trash removal services in the school system.

On the face of it, the comparison of Waste Management’s bid with that of Kimble Recycling and Disposal does not appear to favor Waste Management.

Among points made during last week’s Wood County Board of Education meeting: The two bids were only $1,780.72 apart, in Waste Management’s favor. However, when fuel costs were included in the two bids, the difference became “minimal,” but in favor of Kimble Recycling, according to Wood County Schools Director of Finances Connie Roberts.

Waste Management’s bid came in at $183,441,83 less than what it charged the board of education for the same services in the previous year. There was no one from Waste Management at the meeting to explain the huge decrease in cost. Andrew Kimble, however, was on hand to show the board figures he said demonstrated the board could have saved $200,000 on trash services had it gone with Kimble Recycling last year.

Not only could they have saved money, but, based on Kimble’s bid, they could have had recycling services – with Kimble Recycling doing the sorting.

“It doesn’t seem like the two are apples to apples, if one is offering recycling and the other is not, but the prices are so close,” said board member Jim Asbury, who voted against awarding the bid to Waste Management.

Roberts recommended Waste Management to the board, citing current bid prices – which, seem fuzzy at best; the local presence of the company – Kimble Companies is based in Dover, Ohio; Waste Management Inc. is headquartered in Houston, Texas; and the school system’s existing relationship with Waste Management.

Simply awarding a bid based on having already worked with a company, despite evidence another bidder would deliver more services for less money, is no way to manage tax dollars.