Global Humanity

When we see good news such as the completion of another Habitat for Humanity home in Wood County, it is easy to forget the organization, with the help of local affiliates, does a great deal of good on a global scale. Directly because of the contributions made by local residents to Habitat for Humanity in Wood and Washington counties – and because of the organization’s practice of tithing 10 percent of those donations to be set aside for the international organization – many homes have been built around the world, since 1990.

In Wood County alone, residents have made it possible for $272,000 to go toward the construction of 100 homes overseas. Director Alvin Phillips explained one of the reasons 10 percent of contributions to Wood County’s organization are able to make such an impact is the vast difference in cost of construction. He said it is possible to build a home for an average of $4,500 outside the U.S.

Meanwhile, Habitat for Humanity in Washington County – a smaller affiliate – has been able to tithe $56,762 over the years. Executive Director Dennis Thomas said affiliates can choose where their funding goes, and everything sent from Washington County has gone toward the construction of 18.5 homes in Thailand.

“It is truly a blessing to be part of that bigger effort,” said Phillips. “And to know our funds just keep working toward our mission of simple, decent housing for people everywhere.”

Donors who understand the importance of Habitat for Humanity’s efforts already see the remarkable effect the group can have on families right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley. But it is important for them to remember their good deed here at home will also make a difference, board by board, around the world.