Saving Lives

One way for Marietta-area residents to do something good for their community is changing, as Memorial Health System plans to close its blood bank after Aug. 10. But those who made a habit of donating blood will still have a way to do so. As Memorial Health System employees thanked loyal donors in a letter earlier this summer, they encouraged continued donation through the American Red Cross, which will fully take over providing blood to the hospital, after having previously served as a supplemental supplier.

Memorial Health System will join the Greater Alleghenies Blood Services Region of the Red Cross, which requires 15,000 blood donations per day to serve its partners. As local donors begin to wrap up their relationship with the hospital’s blood bank and traveling blood donation center, now is the perfect time to develop a new relationship with the American Red Cross.

Tuesday, in Wal-Mart at 804 Pike St., the Red Cross will host a blood drive from noon to 5 p.m. Memorial Health System employees are asking loyal donors to continue donating through a new source, and Tuesday’s event is a fantastic opportunity to begin doing so.

Of course, the hospital will also begin working with the Red Cross to host blood drives that will continue to make it convenient for employees and the community to donate blood.

One man, Joe Gray of Devola, said while he was saddened to see the hospital’s independent program come to an end, “As long as I’m healthy I’ll continue giving blood.”

Everyone who has kept Memorial Health System well supplied all these years must continue to do so – and new folks must join the ranks – as the Red Cross begins the work of ensuring that day-to-day and in emergencies, the hospital still has the resources it will need.