Wood County voters have an enormous responsibility to uphold today, as some of the most important seats in the county are up for grabs. This is the opportunity many have been waiting for, when it comes to the Wood County Board of Education. Do not waste it. Anyone who feels as strongly as many have indicated over the past several weeks can now go do something about the folks who run their school system. Incumbents and newcomers alike are there for the voters’ choosing – but voters will have to make that choice.

Renewal of bus service levies in both Parkersburg and Vienna are on the ballot as well. The many folks who rely on bus service throughout the area will surely be grateful for support from the voting population as a whole in maintaining the service they need.

Williamstown’s mayorship is in the mix, as is the opportunity to move toward change on the county commission. Voters can lay the groundwork for several state and national races that will make a difference for both West Virginia and the country.

While many are tempted to sit out primary elections, choosing to be part of the democratic process only in November, every four years, the reality is that much of what affects our day-to-day lives is decided in elections like the one today. It is the duty of every registered voter to participate in this process that keeps our elected officials our elected officials.

Do not let them sit back, confident voter turnout will be so low that they can relax about the outcome. Do your homework, and go out today to make sure those opinions that have been so loud recently actually count for something.

You have got a chance to make big changes, Wood County. Now get out there, and vote.


Today’s primary elections are vital for Ohio residents, yet early projections from Washington County Board of Elections Director Tara Hupp last week were for “low numbers” – based on absentee balloting, anyway. Nevertheless, polling places will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. in order to allow voters to make decisions on the local, state and national levels.

Anyone who believes there is little value in casting a ballot today should take another look at the implications, particularly of some of the issues to be decided. Voters will determine whether Ohio can issue a $1.86 billion bond for local infrastructure projects over the next five years.

For those in the Warren and Belpre schools districts, the very future of their children’s education is at stake, as Warren Local School District seeks renewal of an emergency levy at 5.54 mills, for ten years; and Belpre is seeking a 10-year renewal of its emergency levy, at 3.65 mills.

Belpre residents will also decide whether to approve the sale of liquor and Sunday alcohol sales at Napoli’s.

There is more to this primary election than punching a few automatic tickets to the big show in November, for state and national candidates. Local races hang in the balance today. The ballots cast will make a great deal of difference where it matters most – right here at home.

Take a few minutes, then, to participate in the decision-making process for your community today. Vote. For these local issues and races, a single ballot can make all the difference.