Shining Through

Snow has melted, the peepers are peeping, spring is making a mighty effort to spring, but Mother Nature will need a helping hand in clearing away the debris of the past few months in order to truly shine. Fortunately, she finds plenty of help here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Wirt County Make It Shine Day last weekend allowed scores of local residents to remove more than 80 bags of trash from locations across the county. At the same time, volunteers tackled the weeds and leaves at Parkersburg’s Riverview-Cook Cemetery.

Throughout the area, there will be clean-up efforts that provide lots of opportunity to pitch in, so that by summer, our valley will be the showplace we know it can be. This work is especially important in light of the visitors upon whom we should be trying to make a good impression this year. Never underestimate the power of a discarded can and litter of cigarette butts to sour an otherwise favorable reaction.

While we are focusing on higher ground, let us not forget the Ohio River and its banks. Though River Sweep 2014 is still many weeks away – on June 21 – the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission needs volunteers now for the bank clean-up project that will run the full length of the river. It seems the more people enjoy our beautiful river, the more trash lines its banks, and it is up to the more responsible among us to clean up after those folks.

Take the time this spring to join one of these efforts, if you can. Or simply pick up the next piece of litter you see in the park and dispose of it properly. Remind those around you to put their trash where it belongs and recycle when possible. It can be easy to take for granted the incredible natural beauty that surrounds us here, but it will not stay beautiful for long if we do not all do our part.