State of Denial

When President Barack Obama delivers his sixth State of the Union address tonight, one of his themes will be the one he has hammered away at during the past few months: income inequality.

For the president and his followers, the way to overcome this inequality is a redistribution of wealth through higher taxes, a higher minimum wage and more regulations that will force businesses to cut jobs and reduce the hours worked by employees.

Obama’s plan to help the poor instead makes it harder for businesses to hire them.

This fits the pattern of Obama’s presidency. His health care “solutions” are in the details of the Affordable Care Act, which is anything but affordable.

His energy “solutions” are to put roadblock after roadblock in front of traditional energy sources such as coal in favor of “green” energy sources that cannot be produced in enough quantity to make up the difference. In West Virginia, Ohio and other coal-producing states, this has caused the loss of thousands of jobs in coal mining and related industries and it threatens to make heating bills for average Americans almost unaffordable.

Still Obama plows ahead with these anti-middle class policies.

Tonight, we will hear the president’s vision for America. If it sounds like we’ve heard it all before, it is because we have – for the last five years.

Unfortunately, it will be more bad news for middle-class Americans.