Some observers say President Barack Obama’s administration is among the most secretive in history. Bolstering that contention is a decision by the Pentagon.

Each day, the Defense Department compiles a list of news reports and opinion writing related to the military. Nicknamed the “Early Bird,” it had been disseminated to virtually anyone who wanted it. Electronic circulation was estimated at between one million and two million.

The “Early Bird” has been eliminated. In its place is the “Morning News” – circulated only to about 300 of the Pentagon’s top brass.

Officially, the Defense Department claims production of the “Early Bird” was just too expensive. But its successor, the “Morning News” costs money, too.

And why are those who ask to be added to the “Morning News” circulation list told it is restricted to top Pentagon officials?

No, the excuse just won’t wash.

This is merely another stake being driven by the Pentagon into the heart of free exchange of information about the government, including one of its most important functions – ensuring the security of more than 300 million Americans.