School Levy

A continuing levy that has been approved by Wood County voters since 1945 and generates about $16,769,716 a year for schools again will be on the Nov. 23 ballot.

The 5-year levy is to continue the employment of school-related positions, programs and benefits in the county school system above and beyond the funding provided by the State School Aid Formula.

The levy provides:

* $925,000 for reading rescource teachers;

* $375,000 for school nurses;

* $1.7 million for continuing maintenance and busildings and equipment;

* $9,953,803 to maintain competitive salaries and benefits for teachers, service personnel and administrators;

* $447,913 for Parkersburg and Wood County Libraries and Vienna Library;

* $200,000 for technology grants;

* $800,000 salaries for coached and academic spnors;

* $570,000 for supplement funding for substitute service and professional employees;

* $800,000 for a dental program for all employees;

* $225,000 for copier service and school materials;

* $275,000 for instructional materials for all students;

* $150,000 for Local School Improvement Council projects;

* $140,000 for library/media supplies, books, equipment, sftware and services;

* $150,000 for alternative school for troubled students;

* $50,000 for WVY Extension Service Program in the county; and

* $8,000 for Artsbridge and other art enrichment programs.

It is important to remember this is not a new tax.

The proposed renewal excess levy rates would be 36.72 cents (per $100 valuation) for Class II property and 73.44 cents for Class III and IV property.

For the sake of education and the future of our children and their ability to succeed in life, the levy needs to be approved.

We encourage all Wood County voters to vote YES on renewal of the continuing levy for Wood County Schools.