Deer Season

While retailers look forward to Black Friday, Black Monday has already arrived for many small grocery and convenience stores.

Monday was the opening of the two-week deer gun season in West Virginia. It ends Nov. 30.

This week is the biggest event of the year for sportsmen, with thousands of hunters heading for the woods hoping to bag that big buck. Many hunters take their vacation this week.

Hunters aren’t the only ones looking forward to the start of deer season. For small storeowners, these two weeks also mean big bucks.

Each year, the Division of Natural Resources estimates 350,000 hunters take to the woods in West Virginia.

But before going afield, hunters go to the grocery store to buy supplies for deer camp and the other things they need during their stay in our state.

The division says the economic benefit from hunting in West Virginia is a $270 million infusion into the economy. It is responsible for creating more than 5,000 jobs.

And benefitting much are the rural counties, making this the most profitable time of the year for them. It may not be a cracker plant, but these next few weeks can mean the difference between profit and loss for the year.

So, we welcome the hunters and hope they and local businesses find success in the West Virginia woods. Have a good – and a safe – hunt.