Overcrowding in Prisons

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling involving prison overcrowding in California should worry people in West Virginia, where too many convicts and too few cells also have been major problems during the past several years.

In 2011, the high court ordered California to reduce overcrowding in prisons, which justices said led to unconstitutional conditions. And recently, though progress has been made to address the challenge, the court reaffirmed its order, saying nearly 10,000 inmates must be released from Golden State prisons by the end of the year.

That will mean sending dangerous criminals back out onto the streets.

As we mentioned, West Virginia prisons are overcrowded, too.

And though, like California, we also are making progress to resolve the problem, the recent Supreme Court ruling makes it clear the high court’s patience will be limited if a West Virginia inmate files a lawsuit over the issue.