A Good Start

With the new school year already underway in some West Virginia communities, and getting ready to begin in the coming days in others, many West Virginia residents may have a new sense of hope and confidence in the way public education is handled in the state. After many years of debate, a major school reform law was enacted earlier this year, after all.

Well, that was a start-and a pretty good one.

But much more remains to be done.

Improving West Virginia schools will require a continual fine-tuning of state law and state Board of Education policies. That was something both Democrat and Republican leaders of the Legislature agreed upon during a panel discussion of the issue at the West Virginia Press Association convention held in Wheeling this past weekend.


It took political courage to enact the reforms earlier this year. Legislators’ attitude that they have only made a good start is gratifying-and vital if the major improvements needed are to be made.