From time to time we are chastised by those upset at our use of the term “radical environmentalists.” That is too harsh, the critics insist.

No, it is not, as Rep. David McKinley was reminded the other day.

During a congressional hearing on exporting coal and natural gas, Seattle, Wash., Mayor Mike McGinn testified. Americans should “keep our coal in the ground where it belongs,” he opined.

McGinn’s hardline anti-coal stance probably did not surprise McKinley, R-W.Va. Still, he challenged a comment by McGinn that the coal industry benefits from “massive subsidies” from the government.

On being questioned, McGinn was unable to provide any examples. That is because President Barack Obama’s administration has cut funding for commonsense initiatives such as clean coal technology. Obama and his Environmental Protection Agency are doing all they can to wreck the coal industry.

Meanwhile, billions of dollars are wasted on “alternative” energy companies that really are not alternatives to coal.

As McKinley pointed out after the hearing, critics of coal “often make statements and claims that are not based in reality.”

“Anti-coal zealots should be called out for what they really believe,” McKinley added.

Radical environmentalists threaten more than the coal industry. Left unchecked, they will harm tens of millions of Americans severely through higher costs for electricity.

That needs to be recognized-before it is too late.