Even critics would have to admit that “Buckwild,” the “reality television” program that debuted this year, was a runaway hit. While not reaching the ratings zenith of “Jersey Shore,” the show “Buckwild” replaced, the network was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt the best was yet to come-in ratings, that is.

However, there will be no second season of “Buckwild.”

The MTV television network canceled plans to resume production on the series.

“Buckwild” followed the escapades of a group of young West Virginians in the Sissonville area. Once the show began airing, however, things turned sour for two cast members. One was arrested for driving under the influence. Another is charged with drug possession.

Then tragedy struck. One of the show’s breakout stars and most-popular cast members, young Shain Gandee, died along with two other men in a tragic accident.

Gandee’s death and charges against the two other cast members would have guaranteed a well-watched, and highly-rated second season for “Buckwild.”

But MTV officials said no.

They said they did so out of respect for Gandee. They may also have wondered if stardom was having negative effects on the show’s cast-and how it might influence viewers. Or it could have been MTV network officials were concerned about the negative publicity the network would have received for seeming to exploit a tragedy had the series been allowed to continue.

Whatever their reasons, MTV officials decided to forego a money-making television success. They did the right thing-something all too uncommon in the entertainment industry.

For whatever reason the network used, MTV deserves praise.