If Good Friday is the most somber of Christian holidays, then the most solemn but joyful holiday in the Christian world is being celebrated today-Easter.

Easter is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the foundation of the Christian faith.

We can’t help but think of the apostles who followed Jesus during his short earthly ministry. For three years they fervently loved, followed and believed the words of Jesus, even if they did not understand everything that was happening to them. Just two days after their world seemingly came to an end with their beloved teacher hung on a cross, the disciples became part of the miracle that changed that world. It is a miracle that continues to resonate in our world today.

Today, the sun will rise on many worshipers attending sunrise services at churches all over the world, joined together by their belief in a miracle that happened more than 2,000 years ago.

It is fitting Easter comes in the glorious season of spring. Like the season, it offers us the opportunity for a new beginning after months of cold and darkness. It offers us the gift of hope. Whether a Christian or another religion, hope is something this world can certainly use at this time. Let us hope Christ’s message of love and salvation will be with us all in this troubled time.