Shis Kin Wu

Shis Kin Wu, 83, of Powell, Ohio, passed away on September 4, 2018 in Dublin, Ohio. He was the owner of China Garden in Parkersburg, West Virginia for over two decades, and a veteran of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Navy during the Taiwan Strait Crisis. Shis Kin is preceded in death by his first wife Wu-Chin, his parents and three sisters. He is survived by his second wife Kuei, Wu-Chin’s children Lucy, Nancy, Angela, Judy and Jen, Kuei son’s Kevin, his grand children Bruce, Melissa, Nai Ying, Jason, Will and Timmy, three great grandchildren, his two brothers and a sister. Shis Kin’s greatest accomplishment was building a new life for himself in the US without knowing the language or many friends when he arrived, as well as providing the opportunity for his family and many friends to succeed in a new country as well. He will be buried at the West End Cemetery in Wytheville, Virginia on September 10, 2018.