Washington County Real Estate Transfers

MARIETTA — The following realty transfers were recently recorded at the Washington County Courthouse:

Belpre Township

* Gregory G. and Colleen K. Kreaps to Heather and Ryan Allender, 62 Teri Lane, Little Hocking, land and parcel; $168,000 deed.

* Richard M. Hornbeck to Leonora K. Hornbeck, 174 State Route 339, Belpre, land and parcel; exempt certificate of transfer.

* Todd T. Simpson and Kimberly Croxford to Joshua M. Schramm, 175 Ridgewood Blvd., Belpre, land and parcel; $235,000 warranty.

Dunham Township

* Harold F. Amos and Constance Jean Trustees to Milton F. and Cynthia J. Baker, 4770 Veto Road, Vincent, land; exempt warranty deed.

Fearing Township

* Terry and Laury A. Irwin to Laury A. Irwin, 6105 State Route 521, Whipple, land and parcel; exempt affidavit.

Lawrence Township

* Brian O’Donnell to Brian P. and Michelle L. O’Donnell, 1390 E. Parkhaven Drive, Seven Hills, land; exempt warranty deed.

Marietta Township

* Jodell A. Habegger to Jodell A. Habegger and Pamela S. McLeish, 855 Cornerville Road, Reno, land; exempt warranty deed.

* Christopher D. Starcher to Craig Bills, 15 Robinson Lane, Marietta, land and parcel; $170,000 warranty deed.

Newport Township

* Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Castlerock 2017 LLC, 333 Westchester Ave., West Building, White Plains, N.Y., land and parcel; $16,250 warranty deed.

Warren Township

* Sheila Weber to Tamra L. Arbuckle, 385 Greenbrier Circle, Marietta, $113,500 warranty deed.

* Darrell L. Sciance to Pamela L. Sciance, 3780 Warren Chapel Road, Marietta, land and parcel; $60,000 fiduciary deed.

Waterford Township

* Rhonda M. Crawford to Kenneth D. and Brenda L. Meak, 6900 State Route 339, Vincent, land and parcel; exempt warranty deed.

* John K. Sparling to John K. and Donna J. Sparling Trustees, 3650 Falcon Chase St., Uniontown, land and parcel; exempt warranty deed.

Watertown Township

*Mary A. and Douglas Parks to Douglas B. and Mary A. Parks Trustees, 3440 Watertown Road, Waterford, land and parcel; exempt warranty deed.

Belpre Corporation

* Elsie L. Miracle to Brenda Lowers, 715 Norway Ave., Belpre, land and parcel; $118,000 warranty deed.

Marietta Corporation

* Thomas E. Childers and Mary F. Phillis to Thomas E. Childers, 715 Sixth St., Marietta, land and parcel; exempt affidavit.