Washington County Real Estate Transfers

MARIETTA — The following real estate transfers were recently recorded at the Washington County Courthouse:

Adams Township

* Gary Waters to Joseph Hupp, 3020 Laurel Ridge Road, Lowell, .497 acres, $160, survivorship deed.

* Gary Waters to Bradley S. and Virginia L. Payne, P.O. Box 534, Watertown, 26.76 acres and buildings, $111,780, survivorship deed.

* Gary Waters to Gary Waters, 3880 Laurel Ridge Road, Lowell, 29.466 acres, $9,440, warranty deed.

* Curt and Janet Barth to Bank of New York, Mellon Trust Co., 7360 S. Kyrene Road, Tempe, Ariz., 5 acres and buildings, $10,400.

Barlow Township

* Shirley Samples and Scott A. and Carrie D. McWilliams to Scott A. and Carrie D. McWilliams, 75 Warrior Drive, Vincent, $38,230, quit claim.

Belpre Township

* Timothy D. and Cora Fleming to Sheila Bates, 1011 Federal Road, Little Hocking, 1.9933 acres and buildings, $19,960, warranty deed.

* Thomas H. Bailey Sr. to Huntington National Bank successor, 555 Cleveland Ave. , Columbus, 1.14 acres, $64,910, sheriff.

Dunham Township

* Mark A. Lang to Kendal J. Kephart, 717 McGill Road, Vincent, 1 acre and buildings, $34,200, warranty deed.

Independence Township

* Betty B. Boley to Randy B. Boley, 3390 Dana’s Run Road, Newport, 2.17 acres, $1,130, quit claim.

* Ralph Hefter to Jennifer Lynn Hefter et al, 101 Wheelbarrow Run Road, Marietta, 152.68 acres mineral rights, certificate of transfer.

Lawrence Township

* Brian N. and Sarah L. Criss to Brian N. Criss, 189 Cow Run Road, Marietta, 8.402 acres and buildings, $36,800, quit claim.

Marietta Township

* Anna Margaret Koon to Gary Enochs, 365 Jennings Hill Road, Marietta, .935 acres and buildings, $36,920, fiduciary deed.

* Beaux Incorporated to David W. Panozzo et al, 28255 State Route 7, Marietta, 1.107 acres and buildings, $33,530.

* Danisha Brewer to Francisco and Nancy L. Prestandrea and David W. Panozzo et al, 28255 State Route 7, Marietta, .576 acres and buildings, $26,270.

* Ronald D. and Sonya Van Wey to Sonya Van Wey, 22 Buells Circle, Marietta, parcels, $49,350, exempt affidavit.

Muskingum Township

* Valerie L. Wolfe to Thomas R. and Jessica L. Hill, 115 Arrow Drive Marietta, .4 acres and buildings, $64,460, warranty deed.

* James E. and Helen L. Schoepper to Max D. and Kate L. Grose, 103 Social Row, Marietta, .639 acres and buildings, $275,000, warranty deed.

* Michael and Brandi Kampmeier to Sean D. and Samantha Phelps, 105 McArthur Ave., Marietta, .316 acres, $119,000, survivorship deed.

* Michael and Brandi Kampmeier to Benjamin C. and Logan Brown, 645 Arends Ridge Road, Marietta, .176 acres, $190, survivorship deed.

* Craig and Connie Sue Campbell to Craig J. Campbell, 2409 Glen Drive, Zanesville, parcel, $46,580, quit claim.

* Craig J. Campbell to POP Properties, LLC, 112 Marshall Road, Marietta, $149,000, warranty deed.

Newport Township

* Frank Samuel Greenwood to William G. Greenwood, 165 Greene St., Newport, 4.65 acres, $1,680; 22.79 acres, $7,390; 7.395 acres, $1,830; 30.505 acres and buildings, $11,220; 22.23 acres, $8,620, exempt certificates of transfer.

Salem Township

* Patricia M. Hein, trustee, to Tracee J. Hein, 940 Upper Bear Creek Road, Lowell, 78.449 acres and buildings, $40,360; 100 acres, $27,850, exempt quit claims.

* Lorna A. Ritchie to Matthew A. Holiday, 3480 Highland Ridge Road, Lowell, .984 acres and buildings, $32,930; 1.018 acres, $430, warranty deed.

Warren Township

* Stephen M. Miskimons to Shanaka D. Haney and Katherine McGowan, 625 Bender Road, Marietta, .541 acres and buildings, .212 acres and buildings, $208,000.

* Thomas J. and Cynthia P. McKenzie to Christopher R. and Carrie A. Randall, 29 Wyndermere Drive, Parkersburg, 23.550 acres, $399,950, warranty deed.

* Joann Clapsaddle and Yerill Herbert, trustees to Richard R. and Crystal Thomas, 62 Brush Road, Marietta, 2.305 acres, $24,000, warranty deed.

Wesley Township

* Penny L, Barker to Lunen L. and Joy E. Mitchell, 427 Mitchell Young Farm Road, West Blocton, Ala., 5.014 acres, $35,000 warranty deed.

Belpre Corporation

* D. Lew Westermeyer to Karry M. Westermeyer et al, 318 Second St., Marietta, parcels and buildings, $49,970, exempt quit claim.

* Thomas L. and Hertha F. Dexter to Thomas Dexter Sr., 809 Franklin St, Belpre, parcel, $36,780, exempt quit claim.

* Carolyn Sue Rader to James G. O’Dell, 734 Brawn Road, Belpre, parcel, $115,000, fiduciary deed.