Washington Sheriff

MARIETTA — The Washington County Sheriff’s Office released the following reports on Nov. 20:

* On Nov. 15, the Manager of the Courthouse Cafe (Wasco Inc.), 205 Putnam St., reported a female had stolen the tip cup from the counter. A description was given of the suspect and the female was located just outside the Second Street entrance. Contact was made with the female and she was questioned by Chief Warden in regards to her taking the tip cup, which she denied, stating she went to the Cafe to get a cup of ice. The video surveillance was viewed showing the female who spoke with Chief Warden as the individual taking the tip cup. Chief Warden filed felony theft charges, requesting a warrant for Janet Marie Gibbs, age 47, 129 Muskingum Drive, Marietta, for theft from a disabled adult, a fifth degree felony.

* On Nov. 15, Deputy Young met with Dollar General personnel, 27055 State Route 7, Marietta, regarding a counterfeit bill that was passed.

* On Nov 17, Deputy Brown responded to Muskingum Township for a domestic violence incident. It was determined to be unfounded.

* On Nov. 18, Deputy Schwendeman met with James Crum, Stewart, regarding a theft from a Cutler residence.

* On Nov. 18, Deputy Hall responded to Muskingum Township for a domestic violence incident. It was determined to be unfounded.

* On Nov. 19, Lt. Augenstein began an investigation regarding identity fraud.

* On Nov. 19, Lt. Augenstein responded to Marietta Township for a domestic violence incident. It was determined to be unfounded.

* On Nov. 19, Deputy Parks began a telecommunication harassment investigation involving Haley Lynn Cary, 19, 2829 V Grove Road, Caldwell. A summons is being requested for Cary through the Marietta Municipal Court on a charge of telecommunications harassment.

* On Nov. 19, Deputy Parks was dispatched to Maple Street, Newport, for Gennia Carte being drunk, arguing with other residents and threatening to cut the throat of David Morgan, Carte’s boyfriend. Contact was made with Carte, who was unsteady on her feet upon trying to open the door. Deputy Parks met with individuals who stated Carte had been drinking since early evening. Deputy Parks met with Morgan who stated he went to the garage to get away from Carte. Morgan stated he was in fear of Carte cutting his throat. Gennia Marie Carte, 54, 130 Maple St., Newport, was placed under arrest for domestic violence and disorderly conduct. Carte was transported to the Washington County Jail where she refused a PBT.


The following warrants were processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

* Shawn Henry Farnsworth, 761 Buckeye Ave., Marietta, failure to appear on a child support case.


The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Nov. 19 and Nov. 20.

* David Lee Sagle Jr., 37, 4869 Rainbow Road, Apartment 2, Lowell, for two counts of failure to appear, felonies.

* Natasha Marie Salyer, 28, 3569 Veto Road, Vincent, for probation violation, misdemeanor.

* Anthony Leland Duerson, 29, 2827 North Deeny St., Indianapolis, for forgery, felony.

* Gennia Marie Carte, 54, 130 Maple St., Newport, for disorderly conduct and domestic violence, misdemeanors.

* Zachary Carlisle Boothby, 38, 2396 Wood Ruff Road, Vincent, for possession of drugs.

* Christopher Allen Streight, 32, 221 S. Sixth St., Marietta, for theft and possessing drug abuse instruments, misdemeanors.

* Matthew Lester Jones, 34, 509 Front St., Marietta, for probation violation, felony.

* Christopher Neil Mayle, 39, 2450 Two Mile Run Road, Cutler, for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, misdemeanor.

* There are currently 19 female inmates and 90 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.