Washington Sheriff

MARIETTA — The Washington County Sheriff’s Office released the following reports Aug. 3:

* On July 28, Deputy Jones responded to 8662 County Road 9, Lawrence Township, to a disturbance call. Jodie Miller was causing a disturbance at that location, arguing with family members. Bethany Yencha, Park Avenue, Parkersburg, reported Miller yelling racial profanities and striking Yencha in the face. Jodie Dawn Miller, 35, 255 Silver Globe Road, Marietta, was placed under arrest for assault and transported to the Washington County Jail.

* On July 29, Deputy Zide conducted a traffic stop on State Route 7, Marietta Township. The driver, Joseph Hefner, had bloodshot and glassy eyes and admitted to having an alcoholic beverage or two earlier in the day. Hefner submitted to a series of field sobriety tests, which he performed poorly on, and failed to complete a PBT. Joseph Pete Hefner, 27, 411 Barkwill Street, St. Marys, was placed under arrest for OVI and transported to the Washington County Jail.

* On July 29, deputies responded to 1308 Williamson Avenue, New Matamoras, to meet with a resident. It was reported that Calvin Valentine and another male subject were attempting to attack a subject in that area. Deputies patrolled for the subjects and while conducting the investigation located Calvin Valentine and Gabriel Lamp. Both Lamp and Valentine were yelling, screaming profanity and being belligerent, refusing to cooperate with deputies. Gabriel Michael Zane Lamp, 19, 618 Main Street, New Matamoras, and Calvin Mickael Valentine, 20, 5215 SR 260, New Matamoras, were placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, cease and desist. Both were transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

* On July 29, Deputy Schwendeman completed a traffic crash report in Warren Township where a vehicle owned by Richard J. Kapple, 2402 State Route 339, Belpre, was located crashed along the southbound lane of State Route 7.

* On July 29, Deputy Hall issued a citation to Anthony R. Larrison, 240 Hillcrest Drive, Marietta, for driving on a suspended driver’s license.

* On July 29, Deputy Hall responded to 1200 Park Avenue, New Matamoras, Ohio. Deputy Hall was informed that Gary Beagle may have violated a protection order put in place by Luticia Beagle. Gary Beagle was found to have been at the residence of Luticia several times on July 28. A warrant is being requested for Gary D. Beagle, 33, 1208 Park Avenue, New Matamoras, violation of a protection order.

* On July 29, Lt. Hunter and Deputy Hall were dispatched to 27400 State Route 7, Lot 43, to an incident of domestic violence. Jennifer Sample stated her and her boyfriend, Brett S. Edwards, were in an argument which escalated to the point of Edwards eventually throwing a box fan at her. Edwards stated that he did throw the fan, but not at her. Deputies placed Brett Sumner Edwards, 28, under arrest for domestic violence and transported Edwards to the Washington County Jail for processing.

* On July 30, Deputy Johnson responded to 26935 State Route 7, Marietta, to a reported domestic violence incident. Lynn Goodwin reported her son, Tyler Edward Goodwin, 20, was upset over not having a ride into town and began throwing things. Goodwin had broken a closet door, busted a TV, broke a lamp and slapped Lynn Goodwin in the head. Tyler was not home upon Deputy Johnson arriving therefore a warrant is being requested for Tyler Goodwin on charges of domestic violence and criminal damaging.

* On Aug. 2, at approximately 3 a.m. Tara and Thomas Marvin, Clark Drive, Marietta, reported to the Sheriff’s Office that they were asleep when they woke to two males in their home. The Marvins reported the subjects jumped out a bedroom window after being found. Lt. Gherke and Deputy Zide who were in the area and observed a vehicle in the proximity at which time they stopped the vehicle. The occupants, being two juvenile, were found to be the subjects that had been in the Marvin residence. The juveniles were found to have cash and piggy banks that were stolen from the Marvin home. Deputies located a sawed off shotgun inside the vehicle, along with money and night vision devices outside the residence where the juveniles ran from. Both juveniles are being charged with delinquency by burglary and were transported to the Juvenile Center.


The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail Thursday and Friday:

* Patrick David Runnion, 45, St. Marys, on warrants for domestic violence and drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors.

* Tanner John Smith, 23, 901 Cisler Lane, Marietta, on warrants for possession of drugs and failure to appear, felonies.

* Ezra Lee Rathburn, 23, 32859 McCumber Hill Road, Rutland, for probation violation, a felony.

* Kimberly Ann Wood, 59, 517 S. High Street, Woodsfield, Ohio, for assault, a misdemeanor.

* Tina Marie Curry, 51, 220 Spring Street, Marietta, for theft, breach of recognizance and drug paraphernalia, all misdemeanors.