Washington Sheriff

MARIETTA — On Jan. 15 the following reports were released by Washington County Sheriff’s Department:

Jan. 6

* Sgt. McGilton responded to 95 Millbranch Road, Belpre, in regard to a loose dog belonging to Gregory Hardman, running onto another neighbor’s property, barking and growling at the neighbor’s grandchildren. Gregory had been warned in the past to restrain his two dogs and to register them both which he failed to do. Gregory admitted to his dogs being loose on more than one occasion since he had been warned to restrain them. Gregory also admitted he did not register his dogs. McGilton has requested a summons be issued to Gregory Hardman, 53, 95 Millbranch Road, Belpre, for failing to restrain and register his dogs.

Jan. 11

* Deputies responded to 989 Mitchells Lane in reference to a report of a stolen Jeep. Deputies met with Ashley Brooks, the owner of the vehicle, and her boyfriend, Roger Adams. Upon talking with both Roger and Ashley about the events leading up to the report of the missing vehicle, many questions were left unanswered. After more discussion, deputies were able to determine permission had been granted by Roger and Ashley for another individual to drive the vehicle the night before. This individual wrecked the Jeep and left it at the scene. It was discovered Roger had been in contact with this individual through text messages and phone calls and knew the vehicle had in fact not been stolen. Ohio State Highway Patrol had processed the wreck and was advised of these findings. Deputy Zide has requested a summons be issued through Marietta Municipal Court to Roger Adams, 35, 989 Mitchells Lane, Marietta, for making false police reports.


The following warrants were processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

* Dereka S. Brutchey, 550 Groves Ave., Marietta, for disorderly conduct.

* Cassandra Thomas, 5934 Hagerstown Road, Baton Rouge, La., for possession of marijuana paraphernalia.


The following suspects were processed into the Washington County Jail Thursday:

* David Lee Slagle Jr., 36, 4860 Rainbow Drive, Lowell, on two warrants for endangering children and illegal manufacture of drugs. Slagle was arrested by Captain Rhodes of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

* Travis Eugene Sparks, 35, 3395 Ohio 26, Marietta, for felonious assault. Sparks was picked up at Ross Correctional by Deputy Sheaves of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.