Washington Sheriff

MARIETTA — The Washington County Sheriff’s Office released the following reports on Nov. 28:

Nov. 22

* While patrolling Ohio 60 in Muskingum Township, Deputy Zide observed a white Saab passenger car, bearing Ohio registration traveling on Ohio 821 toward Ohio 60. The vehicle was approaching the red stop light with a pick-up truck in front of it. The driver then passed the truck on a double yellow center divider line, going around the truck, running the clearly visible red light, making a left onto Ohio 60 and continuing southbound. A traffic stop was initiated and upon speaking with the driver, Jenee Kiana Murphy, 35, 5763 Red Carnation Drive, Galloway, Ohio, she said she was unable to slow down and had to pass the truck and run the red light to avoid a crash. The vehicle never appeared to slow or attempt to slow when observed by Zide.

Murphy was extremely aggravated with Zide during the stop, citing past bad experiences with law enforcement. Zide asked Murphy if she had anything illegal in the vehicle at which time she rolled her windows up and refused to talk to him, or obey any commands given. A police dog search was performed with a positive indication. No narcotics were found, however, a multitude of medical equipment and supplies were located inside the vehicle. Murphy was issued citations for driving left of center and disobeying a traffic control device.

* While patrolling, Deputy Zide observed a black Ford Ranger bearing Ohio registration pass his location in close proximity to the vehicle ahead. A traffic stop was conducted near Front Street in Marietta. Contact was made with the driver, Anthony J. Curry, 28, 554 Curry Road, Waterford. A check on Curry revealed multiple license suspensions including FRA suspension, as well as the registration on the Ford coming back registered to a 2001 Chevrolet. Curry said he took the plates off another vehicle and placed them on his Ford as he knew the current registration for the Ford was invalid. A citation for driving under FRA suspension and fictitious license plates was issued to Curry.

Nov. 23

* Deputies McKee and Jones were dispatched to 1470 Weppler Road, Beverly, in regard to an unrelated incident. During the investigation of the incident contact was made with Erin Clinger who gave consent to enter the residence and see if anyone else was present. During this walk through, Deputy McKee observed a metal smoking device in a bedroom and a metal smoking device in the living room. Both devices were in plain view and Clinger admitted she was the marijuana user in the residence. Clinger further said the first pipe was hers. Both marijuana smoking devices were seized and Clinger was informed she would be charged for the offense of possession of marijuana paraphernalia. A summons will be requested for Erin L. Clinger, 43, through Marietta Municipal Court.

* At approximately 7:51 a.m. the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center received a phone call in reference to Richard C. Flood causing a disturbance at the Par Mar Gas Station, 100 Fifth Street, Beverly. Deputy McKee and Deputy Jones spoke to employees at the gas station who said Richard had been in and out of the store multiple times and was harassing the clerk and patrons by asking for money. The clerk said he gave Richard a free cup of coffee so he would leave. The second employee said Richard was yelling and cursing at her and at customers in the parking lot.

The deputies located Richard at his residence. Richard said he only went to the gas station to get gas, but the employees wouldn’t give it to him. Richard said he was trying to give his girlfriend’s credit card information to the cashier so he could get gas for Thanksgiving, however, after being denied he left the store. Richard denied cursing and yelling while at the Par Mar Store.

While Richard was being questioned, a cashier with the Marathon, 415 Fifth St., Beverly, called the Sheriff’s Office regarding Richard Flood making threats and causing a disturbance at the Marathon. This occurred prior to deputies making contact with Richard.

In speaking with the Marathon cashier she said she was opening the business when Richard arrived. She told Richard, as she was walking in, the store was not open yet and Richard responded by saying “OK, I need to get some gas. I’m cold and out of gas.” The cashier again told Richard she couldn’t help him until the store opened with Richard becoming agitated, throwing his arms around and screaming profanities at her, then walking to his vehicle and driving off.

At approximately 8:20 a.m. Richard returned to the Marathon and wanted to use a credit card number, without having the actual card to pay for gas. Richard was told they were unable to accommodate him, and he again became upset and started shaking his head. The cashier told Richard he would have to prepay for his fuel, however, Richard wanted to obtain his merchandise and come back later and pay. Once again Richard was told no and he again made vulgar comments to the cashier, with her telling him once again to leave the store. Richard did not comply, and began making threats of physical harm toward employees of the Corner Store as well as the cashier at the Marathon. Richard finally left, stating he would be back. Both businesses have requested Richard C. Flood be banned from the stores due to his actions and comments.

Richard admitted to the deputies that he was at the Marathon, however, denied making any threats. Richard had called the Washington County Sheriff’s Office 16 times within a six-hour period. At no time during these 16 calls did Richard need emergency services or to file a criminal complaint.

Lt. Hunter told Richard if he called again without the need for emergency services or a criminal complaint, he would be arrested. Richard then called an additional six times after speaking with Lt. Hunter.

Richard Carl Flood, 52, 204 Ferry St., Beverly, was placed under arrest for aggravated menacing, aggravated trespassing, telephone harassment, and disorderly conduct.

* Deputy Hall along with the Wesley Volunteer Fire Department responded to 1900 Clark Road, Cutler, to a reported house fire. Wesley Township Volunteer Fire contacted Barlow and Center Township for mutual aid. The homeowner, Joe Singer, said he and his wife live in the residence. Joe reported being in his building and noticing a lot of smoke coming from the house and chimney. Joe said he entered the house and observed flames in behind the wood burning stove. Joe then obtained his water hose in an attempt to extinguish the fire, however, he was not successful and called for assistance. The fire was extinguished and Assistant Fire Chief Chessar conducted a walk-through of the residence. It appears the fire was in the chimney and escaped into the second floor of the residence before spreading to other areas. There did not appear to be anything suspicious about the fire and Chief Chessar was ruling it as accidental. The homeowners sustained no injuries in the fire.

* While patrolling in Muskingum Township, Deputy Zide observed a Saturn passenger vehicle pass his location following close to the vehicle in front. A traffic stop was conducted and upon speaking with the driver, Jerry R. Riggs, 321 Fifth St., Lowell, it was apparent Riggs and his passenger, Cain Rhodes, 178 Third St., Lowell, were nervous. Both occupants were asked if anything illegal was in the vehicle and they said there was not. A K9 sniff of the vehicle was conducted, revealing a positive indication. A search of the vehicle revealed marijuana and a marijuana grinder belonging to Riggs and a glass marijuana pipe belonging to Rhodes. A citation was issued to Jerry Riggs for possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana paraphernalia. A citation was issued to Cain Rhodes for possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

Nov. 24

* While on patrol Deputy Parks observed a tan Buick, bearing Ohio registration, traveling north on Seventh Street toward Washington Street, Marietta. The vehicle failed to come to a complete stop at the posted stop sign at Seventh and Wooster streets and continued north on Seventh Street. Parks again observed the same vehicle fail to come to a complete stop at the posted stop sign at Seventh and Washington streets. Once on Washington Street, Parks activated the emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop. Parks made contact with the driver, Jonathan C. Farnsworth, and informed him of the reason for the stop. Parks informed Farnsworth the stop signs were meant to be stop at, and he said he did not know he had to. Parks requested proof of insurance and vehicle registration with Farnsworth saying he did not have insurance, as he could not afford insurance on the vehicle. A citation was issued to Farnsworth for operating a motor vehicle without proof of financial responsibility.

* At approximately 3:19 p.m. Deputy Parks was dispatched to 751 Mount Tom Road, Marietta, in reference to Staci Jae Bland saying she was assaulted by Ashley Handschumaker. Parks met with Ashley who said she arrived to pick up her son, and Staci grabbed her by the hood of her sweatshirt. Ashley said while she was holding her son Staci pushed her out the door of the residence. Ashley said she later became involved in a verbal and physical altercation with Staci.

Staci Bland said Ashley is married to her brother and she babysits for them. The father dropped off the child as Ashley had not returned from shopping. Staci said the two were involved in an altercation after she learned of Ashley’s previous whereabouts.

Ashley said she had no injuries and Staci had a red and swollen left cheek. A summons is being requested for Ashley N. Handschumaker, 31, 102 Handschumaker Road, Marietta, and Staci Jae Bland, 35, 751 Mount Tom Road, Marietta, for disorderly conduct by fighting.

* At approximately 11:26 a.m. hours Parks was dispatched to Dalzell Road, Lower Salem, where Clayton Clark reported he had been involved in a physical altercation with his brother, Garry L. Clark Jr. Parks met with Clayton who said he arrived at his mother’s residence to pick up his two month old baby. Clayton reports Garry only shows up when their step-father is not at home, and continually disrespects their mother. Clayton said he had enough of the way Garry was acting, and confronted. Clayton said he was in the kitchen and Garry was lying on the floor in front of the television when they became engaged in a verbal altercation. Clayton said Garry began to disrespect him by calling him names, and he approached Garry and grabbed him “like I was hugging him”. Clayton denies hitting Garry, however, the reason for “hugging him” was to “get him to stop”. Clayton received minor scratches on the left side of his abdomen from his encounter with Garry. Deputy Parks spoke with Garry, who had a similar account of events, however, he advised Clayton got on top of him while he was lying on the floor. Garry said he had to threaten to call the police before Clayton got up, and when he did Clayton kneed him (Garry) in the head. A summons is being requested for Clayton Alan Clark, 19, 112 Deerhaven St., Marietta, and Garry Lee Clark Jr., 24, 6070 Avon Lake Road, Spencer, Ohio, for disorderly conduct by fighting.

Nov. 25

* Deputies Abbott and Allender were dispatched to patrol for a motorist who had left a Devola business and appeared to be intoxicated. The location of Caro Lane, Marietta, was patrolled in an attempt to locate the vehicle. Abbott approached the intersection of Caro Lane and Rathbone Terrance and observed a Chevy Avalanche (the suspect vehicle) turn onto Caro Lane. The driver observed the deputies and stopped in the middle of the roadway near the intersection. The driver, identified as Erin Stewart, exited the vehicle before deputies could approach the vehicle. Stewart was unsteady on her feet upon exiting the vehicle. In speaking with Stewart a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected. Stewart admitted to drinking beer prior to our contact. Stewart was asked to perform a series of field sobriety tests, which she refused. An open beer could be seen in the middle console and a case of beer on the front passenger floor. Erin Marie Stewart, 43, 224 Caro Lane, Marietta, was placed under arrest for open container and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.


The following suspects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday and Tuesday:

* William Joseph Betkoski, 50, 130 Kern Drive, Marietta, for two counts of domestic violence. Betkoski was arrested on Gilman Avenue by Deputy McKee of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

* Mickie Dawn Neihart, 35, homeless, on a warrant for probation violation. Neihart was arrested by Parole Officer Brockmeier of the Marietta Probation Office.

* Christopher Carl Douglas, 51, 140 Maple St., Newport, Ohio, for domestic violence and criminal trespass. Douglas was arrested on Zion Ridge Road by Lt. Hunter of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.