Athens Sheriff

ATHENS, Ohio — On Nov. 22 the Athens County Sheriff’s Department released the following reports:

Nov. 21

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office was called to West Belpre Pike Road, Coolville for an intrusion alarm. The alarm company notified a family room motion. Contact was made with the homeowner and no assistance was needed

* Deputies responded to Lee Township in reference to a complaint of threats being made toward property. A statement was obtained, and the alleged suspect is being sought for questioning. This case remains active.

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office was called to Oakdale Road, Glouster for an active dispute. The caller said he was in an altercation with his partner’s sister. The sister left prior to arrival. Statements were collected from the caller and the other witness. This case is under further investigation.

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to Albany regarding an elderly man in a wheelchair who was lost and confused. Prior to arrival, assisted living staff located the male who had left their residence.

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Matheny Road, Nelsonville on a well-being check. The male was found not home, and was located at another location and found to be fine.


ATHENS, Ohio — On Nov. 21 the Athens County Sheriff’s Department released the following reports:

Nov. 20

* The Criminal Interdiction Unit conducted a traffic stop in the Albany area. During the course of the stop K-9 Bora indicated on the vehicle and items were located. Those items will be sent to BCI for testing. Criminal charges are pending.

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office was called to The New Marshfield area, for a suspicious person. Units patrolled the area and located the male on Mineral Road. The male was in mental distress and was transported for further evaluation.

* Deputies were dispatched to East Scatter Ridge for a domestic that ended up being on a verbal dispute. Neither side wanted to pursue any charges or fill out statements. No further assistance was needed.

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to Chauncey on a verbal dispute between a husband and wife. Prior to arrival, the husband left. No physical violence, verbal only.

* Deputies responded to Stewart over a neighbor blowing leaves onto the neighbor’s yard. Attempted contact was made with the neighbor without success.

* Deputies responded to Simms Road in reference to an alarm. Upon arrival the residence was found to be secure.

* Deputies responded to Beckler Road in reference to a dispute. No violence or threats of violence had taken place, so the parties were separated. The male involved, and two others, left the residence voluntarily.

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office received information that the Marathon gas station in Chauncey was advised by a customer they overheard the business was going to be robbed. The customer information was tracked down but no contact with him has been made at this point.

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office took a report by phone regarding a property dispute. The complainant stated a neighbor was prohibiting UPS from driving on the shared driveway to her residence to make deliveries. She was directed to review her legal standing with the driveway in order to determine if she had legal right of way to the driveway. She was also directed to pursue another report if she was able to resolve the situation legally and the problem continued to persist.

* Deputies responded to The Plains Library for a private property accident report. All information was obtained for both parties to document the report. It was determined that no visible damage was observed, however, the complainant wanted the incident documented for possible further issues with her vehicle.

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office patrolled McDougal Road for a suspicious vehicle report. The vehicle was not located.

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to Athens Transmission in Athens for a burglary alarm. Deputies checked the structure and it was found to be secure. The alarm was going off, but there was no other evidence of an issue.

* The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to Dowler Ridge Road in Nelsonville for a report of a woman with a gun claiming she hurt someone. The woman showed up at the complainant’s residence and asked for him to call 911 due to her shooting someone. Deputies finally made contact with the female subject at her residence on Beckler Road. She said she was in a verbal dispute with her husband and left the residence with a weapon in order to defend herself. She said she returned to the residence due to her husband levying the home. Deputies were not able to make contact with the male subject due to him not having a phone and he was not at the residence. There was no further evidence to suggest any other issues.

* Deputies responded to Ohio 329 in Stewart for a neighbor dispute. The complainant reported a trespassing issue with the tenant living in their rental trailer. The complainant requested the tenants not trespass on their property. Deputies made contact with the family in the rental property and were advised not to have any further contact or trespass on their property.