CCMC Births

March 31

∫ Robert Williams and Ashley Parsons, Ripley, baby boy

April 3

∫ Nick Johnson and Natasha Craig, Waverly, baby boy

∫ Clarence Toler and Gabrielle Bradshaw, Parkersburg, baby girl

April 4

∫ Robert and Angela Shank, Parkersburg, baby boy

April 5

∫ Alton Carter II and Kayla Langford, St. Marys, baby boy

April 6

∫ Scott Watson and Naresa Templeton, St. Marys, baby boy

∫ Jeremiah and Lyndsey Kuhn, Little Hocking, baby girl

∫ Dacota Abbott and Lindsay Lipscomb, Parkersburg, baby girl

∫ Joseph and Mara Colkett, Harrisville, baby girl

∫ Zachary Hersman and Monica Kidder, Ripley, baby boy

April 7

∫ Jesse and Danielle Holmes, Coolville, baby boy

April 10

∫ Dylan Hunt and Chloe Allen, Parkersburg, baby girl

∫ Alisha Flinn, Parkersburg, baby boy

April 11

∫ Jesse Bowen and Ashley Lockhart, Parkersburg, baby girl

∫ Joshua and Kiernan Cline, Harrisville, baby girl twins