Camden Clark Medical Center Births

Jan. 18

∫ Timothy Wyatt and Margaret Persinger, Parkersburg, twins, baby girls

Jan. 23

∫ Christopher Pena and Ashley Arthur, Parkersburg, baby girl

Jan. 28

∫ Christopher and Cassandra Kimball, Williamstown, baby boy

Jan. 29

∫ Whitney Sampson and Mark Hall, Chloe, W.Va., baby girl

Jan. 30

∫ Christopher and Tisha Hendershot, Walker, baby girl

∫ Aaron Phillips and Taylor Bowman, Parkersburg, baby girl

∫ Adam Miller and Kindra Stevens, Washington, baby boy

Jan. 31

∫ Jeremy and Stacy McCloy, Mineral Wells, baby girl

∫ Bryan Nichols and Kayla Tucker, Washington, baby boy

∫ Chris and April Hofmann, Belleville, baby boy

Feb. 1

∫ Justin Mcelfresh and Caitlin Church, Parkersburg, baby girl

∫ Cody and Alexis Robinson, Pennsboro, baby boy

∫ Michael Kerns and Kristen Miller, Parkersburg, baby boy

∫ Matthew Lung and Twisha Wolfe-Lung, Spencer, baby boy

∫ Trenton Hardbarger and Candice Lynch, Palestine, baby girl

Feb. 2

∫ Christopher Vandergrift and Megan Treadway, Cutler, baby girl

∫ Tabitha Causey, Coolville, baby girl

∫ Jeffrey and Rebecca Tennant, Sistersville, baby boy

Feb. 3

∫ Robert and Alexis Barker, Vienna, baby boy

∫ Douglas and Amanda Rinehart, Spencer, baby boy

Feb. 6

∫ Grant and Michaela Lipscomb, Waverly, W.Va., baby girl

vSeth Townsend and Samantha Carter, Mineral Wells, baby boy

∫ Dusten and Chanelle Cottrell, Palestine, W.Va., baby boy

∫ Kade and Chloe Jones, Belpre, baby girl

vMichael and Heather Johnson, Ravenswood,, baby boy

Feb. 7

∫ Jesse and Rachel Briggs, Ravenswood, baby girl

∫ David Benson and Ashley Adams, Parkersburg, baby boy

∫ Jacob Downer and AJ Grant, Huntington, baby girl