On the Record

Wood Magistrate

PARKERSBURG — On Nov. 21 the following reports were released by Wood County Magistrate Court:

* Alexandria Michelle Richter 22, 798 Blennerhassett Heights Road, Parkersburg, waived a preliminary hearing on a charge of grand larceny and was bound over to Wood County Circuit Court.

* Eva Jo Szakats, 18, 41 Wadesville Road, Washington, W.Va., was arraigned on charges of expired motor vehicle inspection and no proof of insurance and was released on a $300 personal recognizance bond.

* Riannah S. Richards, 26, 17 Meadowbrook Acres, Parkersburg, pleaded guilty to an expired motor vehicle inspection citation and was assessed $165.25 in fines and court fees.

* Ashley R. Gibson, 25, 3530 Northwestern Drive, Parkersburg, pleaded no contest to a charge of no motor vehicle inspection and was assessed $165.25 in fines and court fees.

* Michael Eugene Pinkerton, 39, 69 Whispering Pines Court, Parkersburg, was arraigned on a charge of receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle and was released on a $50,000 personal recognizance bond with 10 percent cash.

* Michael David Haught, Parkersburg, was arraigned on two domestic battery charges and was released on a $2,000 personal recognizance bond.

Wood Sheriff

PARKERSBURG — The Wood County Sheriff’s Office released the following reports Nov. 21:

* On Nov. 16, Tyronda M. Freeman, 45. of West Second Street, Dayton Ohio, was issued a citation for speeding, 74 mph in a 65 mph zone.

* On Nov. 16, Tommy Lee Still, 28, of Maxwell Avenue, was issued a citation for driving on suspended.

* On Nov. 16, Angela Dawn Johnson, 37, of Neal Street, was issued a citation for driving on suspended and no proof of insurance.

* On Nov. 16, Aaron Wayne Callihan, 39, of 27th Street, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for possession of a controlled substance issued through the Parkersburg Police Department.

* On Nov. 17, Bryan French, 35, of Langley Road, Sandyville, was issued a citation for third-offense driving on suspended.

* On Nov. 17, Kirk Russell Slider, 24, of Mountaineer Way, was issued a citation for failure to maintain control and failure to update driver license.

* On Nov. 19, Michael Paul Surface, 42, of 17th Street, was arrested on warrants for second-offense driving on suspended/revoked, third-offense shoplifting, failure to yield and obstructing.

* On Nov. 19, a deputy responded to Kohl’s Department Store in reference to a shoplifter. A citation was issued to Amber Dawn Horton, 30, of Pike Street, for shoplifting.

* On Nov. 19, Patrick D. Posey, 49, of Wakefield Drive, was cited for speeding, 44 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Washington Sheriff

MARIETTA –On Nov. 21 the Washington County Sheriff’s Department released the following reports:

Nov. 17

* At approximately 2 p.m. a dog belonging to Donna Malcolm, 6886 Ohio 821, Whipple, became loose from her residence. Malcolm’s dogs went onto neighboring property and allegedly jumped on the dog at that location. Malcom’s dog did not cause any injuries to the neighbor’s dog, however the owner was very upset as this has been an ongoing issue. The Malcolms had been warned to restrain their dog in the past and admitted the dog was loose again on this date. A citation is being issued to Donna Malcolm for failing to restrain her dog.

Nov. 18

* Sgt. Mankins took a theft report at 27055 Ohio 7, Marietta, at the Dollar General. This case remains under investigation.

Nov. 19

* Steve Dixon reported a canine had attacked his canine at 85 Belavista Drive, Marietta. Dixon said the canine came onto his property and was growling at his canine, and tried to go for his canine’s neck, however he was able to force the canine to flee. The owner of the canine, Emily Boyd, arrived at the location to retrieve her canine. Dixon stated this was the second time Boyd’s canine had attacked his canine. A neighbor heard Dixon yelling and when she opened her door Boyd’s canine tried to run into her residence, however she shut the door to stop the canine from entering. The neighbor observed Boyd yelling in the street at the canine, and then left the canine in the street and drove away. The neighbor said the canine has been loose multiple times and being aggressive. Deputy McKee spoke with Boyd who admitted her one year old Shepard mix had gotten loose, but denied her canine was aggressive or had been loose more than once. Boyd was advised she would be charged for failing to restrain her canine.

Nov. 20

* Deputies were dispatched to 20125 Ohio 550, Marietta, in reference to a domestic violence incident. During the investigation it was determined Cory Meeks had gotten in his juvenile child’s face and threatened to slap her. His mother got in between the two in fear of Meeks hitting the child. Meeks was apparently aggravated because his mother did not wake him up before going to pick the child up from school. During the investigation, it was learned from Meeks that he had been using illegal drugs. Deputy Abbott was placing Cory E. Meeks, 32, under arrest for domestic violence when he became very irate at his mother for calling the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies were attempting to restrain Meeks in handcuffs when he began to tense up, yelling at Sgt. Mankins and ignoring orders to place his hands behind his back. Deputies took Meeks by the arms at which point Meeks jerked his arms away. Meeks was then taken to the ground where he continued resisting, however was eventually handcuffed. During the walk to place Meeks in the cruiser, he continued ignoring orders, trying to pull away from deputies, and yelling at his mother. Meeks was also charged with resisting arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

The following suspects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday and Tuesday:

Nov. 20

* Joshua Don Martin, 37, 309 Muskingum Drive, for two counts violating of a protection order and contempt of court order. Martin was arrested by Patrolman Young of the Marietta City Police Department.

* Brandon Charles Clemons, 35, 715 Mary St., Apt. A, Belpre, for probation violation. Clemons was arrested by Patrolman Kampmeier of the Marietta City Police Department.

* McKenzie Ann Cowman, 24, 814 Seneca Drive, Belpre, for disorderly conduct and probation violation. Cowman was arrested in Belpre by Patrolman Fields of the Belpre City Police Department.

* Lynsey Brooke Erb, 30, 140 Cecil Meneffee Drive, Moorefield, W.Va., for theft, unauthorized use of motor vehicle, obstructing official business, abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence, burglary and failure to appear out of Noble and Monroe counties. Erb was arrested by Deputy Parks of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

* Cory Everett Meeks, 32, 20125 Ohio 550, Marietta, for domestic violence and resisting arrest. Meeks was arrested by Deputy Abbott of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

* Misty Gail Sealey, 39, 2100 Hill St., Belpre, for probation violation, contempt of court order, OVI, OVI suspension and reckless operation. Sealey was arrested by Probation Officer P. Brockmeier of the Marietta City Probation Department.

* Brian Lee Davis, 22, 22001 Zepp Road E, Sarahsville, Ohio, on a charge from Guernsey County for aggravated robbery. Davis was arrested by Deputy A. McConnell of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

* Justin Allen Harris, 35, 153 Harmar St., Marietta, for probation violation, and assault. Harris was arrested by Deputy J. McConnell of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Nov. 21

* Kevin Andrew Williams, 29, homeless, Marietta, for resisting arrest, obstructing official business and warrants for drug possession and drug instrument possession. Williams was arrested by Patrolman Thomas of the Marietta City Police Department.

* Natalie Sue Weckbacher, 34, 300 Center St., Beverly, for probation violation. Weckbacher was arrested by Probation Officer E. Brockmeier of the Marietta City Probation Department.

* John Louis Claggett, 42, 2127 Righteous Ridge Road, Waterford, on a warrant for domestic violence. Claggett turned himself in.