McKinley bill targets overseas call centers

WASHINGTON — A bill aimed at keeping companies from sending call center and service jobs overseas was re-introduced Wednesday by congressmen from West Virginia and Wisconsin.

House Resolution 3219, the U.S. Call Center and Consumer Protection Act, will deter American companies from shipping the jobs to foreign countries, Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va., said. He and Rep. Mark Pocan D-Wis., re-introduced the resolution.

The bill would create incentives to locate in the U.S. by creating a public list consisting of companies that shipped their call center work overseas. Being on the list would make the companies ineligible for federal grants or guaranteed loans.

It will require overseas call centers to disclose locations to customers and to comply with U.S. consumers’ request to be transferred to a service agent physically located in the U.S.

“Protecting and creating American jobs should be Congress’ top priority,” McKinley said. “Plain and simple, we should not be rewarding companies for moving jobs offshore. This bill does not mandate that companies keep call centers here in America, but simply says if you move call center jobs offshore, you don’t receive funding from the government. This should be common sense.”