Parkersburg man writes fourth book

Photo by Jess Mancini Stephen Hupp poses with his fourth book, “Wings in the Night,” the story of the pursuit of a Mothman creature to learn why it is here and from where it came. “Wings in the Night” is available from Amazon.com.

PARKERSBURG — A Parkersburg man drawing from local folklore has written his fourth book.

“Wings in the Night” by Stephen Hupp is about a creature of the same species as the fictional Mothman and the labours of Kat Tiffin who tries to learn more about the mysterious being.

“We call it the Traveler,” Hupp said.

Hupp is the director of libraries at West Virginia University of Parkersburg.

“Wings in the Night” is the sequel to “Daughter of the Valley” and features the characters Kat Tiffin, a college professor, and Erin Wells, a local television reporter. The characters are based on several people, Hupp said.

The story is set in the fictional town of Collinsburg in the Ohio Valley, the fictional version of Marietta, Parkersburg, Marietta College and West Virginia University at Parkersburg, Hupp said. Kat Tiffin and Erin Wells and new friend Jenny Jordan try to discover why the creature came to Collinsburg.

“I got a good imagination, so coming up with stories is relatively easy,” Hupp said.

Folklore provides an endless source of material, he said. The Mothman was first reported in 1966, including in a story in the the Point Pleasant Register about a couple who claimed to see a bird-like man. Later, the creature was linked to the collapse of the Silver Bridge in December 1967 when 46 people were killed.

Hupp’s other books were “Daughter of the Valley,” “Of Gods and Spirits” and “Born to the Breed,” which is about NASCAR and a departure from the genre of the other books.

In “Daughter of the Valley,” the ghost of Virginia Llewellyn haunts Collinsburg contacts Kat Tiffin with the contrived story that the tale about her being vile is untrue. In “Of Gods and Spirits,” the story is about Toby Eckard, Danny Fox and Lucy Wilson who have magical powers and join together to recover the holy items stolen from them.

“Born to the Breed” is about Marty Dodd who aspires to a career in NASCAR, but the parents have different plans.

All the books are available on Amazon.com.

“Wings in the Night” is about 140 pages. The paperback version is $16.99 and the ebook is $2.99 from Amazon.

Hupp, who self-published the book, also is self promoting it. He will be contacting local bookstores in hopes of selling it in local venues.