Cabin Fever heats up Riverfront Roar fans

Photo by Doug Loyer The first ROARin’ Cabin Fever Party attracted a large crowd at the Marietta Shrine Club.

MARIETTA — In the middle of a long cold winter, everyone wants to get out and do something.

What better timing for the Riverfront Roar to have it’s ROARin’ Cabin Fever Party. The first-time fundraising event was held Saturday evening at the Marietta Shrine Club.

In an effort to raise money for this years Riverfront Roar that will be held July 12-14, which features Powerboat National Racing on the Ohio River near the levee, the committee came up with the ROARin’ Cabin Fever Party idea.

“This is the 19th year for the Riverfront Roar but the first time for this fundraiser,” said Carmen Taylor, Riverfront Roar chairperson. “As the years go on, it gets more and more expensive to put that weekend on.”

The event now costs about $45,000, she said.

Photo by Doug Loyer The band ‘BASH’ entertains the crowd at the ROARin’ Cabin Fever Party Saturday night.

“We brainstormed and came up with this Cabin Fever idea,” Taylor said. “We were hoping to sell at least 100-150 tickets and we actually ended up pre-selling 250 tickets.”

The fundraising party included a nacho bar, country store, 50/50 drawing, purse and gun raffles and a silent auction selling numerous things including theme baskets and T-shirts, sports items and jewelry.

The featured entertainment for the ROARin’ Cabin Fever Party was the popular five-member local band BASH.

“We have played for the Riverfront Roar two or three times,” said band member Randy Bauman. “It was nice of them to ask us to perform tonight. We’ll have a lot of fun.”

“The cabin fever concept is great for this time of year,” said Kim Smith of Marietta.

Photo by Doug Loyer A silent auction was part of the Riverfront Roar fundraising event.

“Yes, this is party is a good idea,” said Brian Karcher, also of Marietta. “It gets us out of the house!”

“I think that this fundraiser is a wonderful idea,” said Debbie Baker of Little Hocking. “We like going to fundraisers and helping out. They have a lot of nice things to bid on and I heard that the band is really good. And of course we love the River Roar. They’re fast and loud! They’re exciting.”

Coming from a family with a racing background, Scott and Mindy Lutz of Waverly enjoy going to the races each year.

“Without a doubt, we look forward to the races each year. We love the River Roar,” Mindy said. “We’ve been to all of them. We have friends that come as well. We’re from a racing family so if they go vroom vroom and they go fast … we’re happy!”

The Riverfront Roar is among the premier events held each year in Marietta. The community soaks up the boat races and the racers love Marietta as well.

Jarred Romesburg, director of media and communications for Powerboat Nationals, was on hand to present the city of Marietta a plaque designating it as the Powerboat Nationals racers favorite place to race.

The drivers, teams and crews are given a ballot at the end of the season to pick their favorite place to race and Romesburg said they voted Marietta hands down.

“The racers like the people here. Everyone here is so friendly,” emphasized Romesburg. “We go to a lot of different places, but I don’t know many that roll out the red carpet like Marietta does for the racers. It’s a unique venue in that the pit row is the street. Anywhere else they have areas that are roped off and away from everybody. Here it is wide open. It gives a great opportunity for the drivers to meet with the fans and it gives the fans a chance to learn more about the boats. It’s a beautiful place to race.”

This year’s Riverfront Roar is July 12-14. For more information visit